Solar Water Heater

A Solar Water Heater for hot water production has many advantages over an electric, gas or oil powered system.

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Renewable energy sources include photovoltaic, wind, biogas and hydroelectric power, as well as solar energy. Due to the increasing demand for green energy, the interest in solar energy is growing.

In recent years, a variety of plant types have come onto the market. Local conditions make the installation of solar power plants a complex matter.

A Solar Water Heater is ideal in locations with constant and direct sunlight.

A Solar Water Heater is ideal in locations with high utility costs such as gas, oil and electricity. This is where the greatest savings in energy costs can be achieved.
We will be happy to calculate your energy cost savings.

The result

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Due to the vacuum tube, a very high efficiency is achieved in the plant. The solar energy is transferred directly to the water. Losses due to long pipelines thus do not occur. The Solar Water Heater can also be operated as a stand-alone system and it is thus possible to produce hot water independently of the grid.

Advantages of CPN-Company Solar Water Heater

CPN-Company Solar Water Heater is extremely low maintenance. There are no costs for acceptance of gas lines such as leakage test or gas appliance test. Also the organization expenditure for the exchange of empty gas bottles is void. No toxic chemicals are necessary for the operation of the system. With the use of the CPN-Company Solar Water Heater, your daily CO² is reduced and you thus make a large active contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Special features

  • With normal water consumption sufficient for 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Working pressure:6.0 Bar
  • ISO9001:2008 Type:Heat pipe-RoHS
  • Tank liter:100L
  • Low maintenance

CPN-Company Solar Water Heater


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